How to develop the power of your imagination

Posted On Jan 28, 2018

The Twentieth century was the century of great discoveries so much so that many believe it to be the century of reason and the supremacy of mind. Unfortunately, we went to the extreme that affected negatively our hearts. Two leaders in the twentieth century have confessed that knowledge is not everything but imagination is. The first leader is a very well-known scientist, who belongs to reason and mind than to heart; I mean, Albert Einstein. The second one is an inspiring novelist who is more of a heart than mind; that is, the French novelist, Anatole France.

In one of his memorable quotes, Einstein says: “If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales; if you want them to be very intelligent read them more fairy tales.”

 He pointed out more than once how imagination is more important than knowledge; as imagination takes you to places knowledge can’t. Imagination is your own creation while knowledge is not. Knowledge is somebody else’s final search; it is borrowed, fake, and bogus. In order for Knowledge to be authentic, it got to be drawn from your own experiences not from anybody else’s. Imagination is your heart’s deepest and purest desire.

Anatole France once said that to know is nothing but to imagine is everything. He goes on to say that to be authentic is to be your own author. Strangely enough, many of us share knowledge but no two people share the same imagination. Imagination is something entirely personal while knowledge is objective and homogeneous.

To be authentic is to be free. Freedom can’t be attained except by first imagining and seeking your heart’s desires, then knowledge can be sought and not vice versa.

Here are 3 directions to help you develop the power of imagination.

Feel then think: we have been brought since our early years to think and be logical. I ask you to reverse the process. Imagine and visualize how you want your life to be. Act on Einstein’s advice and read fairy tales – even if you are in your forties or fifties.

Stop judging: enjoy living in the world of no boundaries and where nothing is impossible and everything is possible. Don’t judge anybody else’s behavior, be busy improving and discovering your natural gifts.

Stay innocent: don’t burden yourself with bad experiences – they are lessons learned in life. Move on and have faith in yourself. Remember when Jesus Christ was in a middle of a crowd and someone asked him which one of us is to be in heaven. A rabbi standing in the crowd expected himself to be chosen, but Jesus pointed his finger to a five-year-old child and said: “those who are like this child are the ones to be in heaven.”